SPARKSilex Portfolio Allocation & RisK

Our digital platform SPARK is dedicated to white labeling solutions tailor made for our partners.

We offer each partner access to his own designed and digital platform to :

  • Customize the risk profile of each client, portfolio, and Investment universe…
  • Upload his own criteria regarding stock picking, asset class, currencies…
  • Define the Investment style (Growth, Value, Momentum, Volatility, Yield).
  • Fix the level of Risk and diversification of the portfolio.
  • Generate a tailor-made Asset Allocation or Portfolio by optimizing the risk/return.
  • Access to cost efficient wrappers and executions.
  • Receiving detailed and high quality reports.

SPARK = 3 instruments

Cross Asset Allocator

Allows you to define the Optimal Cross Asset Allocation (Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate, Alternative solutions, Cash) based on the pre-defined investment and risk profile of your clients.

Integrate all the fundamental, macro-economic datas and process it with numerical optimization algorithms to deliver the most stable and uncorrelated portfolios.

Global Equity Optimizer

Either on a Global Equity Portfolio (Systematic) or on a specific Investment Theme (Tactic), SPARK mixes Financial Research with a multicriteria approach to minimize the volatility and generate the best return.

Each time you “ SPARK IT” the digital platform rebalances the portfolio depending on the new parameters of the client’s input.

Portfolio Analyzer

Controlling and getting a better understanding of the risk of your portfolio enables you to take wiser actions.

All the applications developed by the LAB have been built to provide systematic alpha and are tailor made to fit each partner’s needs, risk constraints, and investments style specifications.


We provide 100% cost efficient and tailor made AMC (Actively Managed Certificate), thanks to our expertise and knowledge of this business. We have access to a SIF in Luxembourg which allows you to create your own fund, at competitive costs.