The Lab - SILEX Technologies

Based in L’École Polytechnique Paris (X), within the cluster of high tech companies, Silex Technologies is the Research and Development Center of the Group.

Our Scientists and Research Teams are the heart of our Expertise. Fabrice Rey (X) and Frank not (PHD) are leading a team which combines a very diverse set of skills

Most of the scientists come from academic backgrounds having excelled in statistics, physics, computer science, and other quantitative disciplines. We believe that a collegial atmosphere and the spirit of teamwork are integral parts of SILEX Technologies philosophy.


Fundamental data sorted


Technical parameters per stock

We have access to some of the most sophisticated technologies in use, including multithreaded and distributed engines, fast synchronized databases, financial analytic libraries and purpose-tailored languages. The Lab designs a systematic computer-based multistrategy investment system built upon diverse investment research, risk management processes and trading and execution infrastructure.

Those instruments are risk analysis, market data classification, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Optimizing. Massively-parallel computing, distributed databases, and mathematical research allow to solve the most complex challenges in asset management. Modern technologies and advanced statistical methods give us access to the next generation of risk management, performance attribution, portfolio construction and asset selection.

The Challenge